Welcome to the Massachusetts Society for Healthcare Risk Management

The Massachusetts Society for Healthcare Risk Management (MSHRM) is an organization of healthcare risk management, legal, insurance and claims professionals dedicated to advancing healthcare safety, quality and loss prevention by advancing professional practice. Activities to further this purpose include:

  • Conducting educational programs and activities to develop and implement healthcare risk management, safety and quality management programs and strategies to conserve organization/institutional resources in the face of risk of loss.
  • To act as mentors and promote the professional development of healthcare risk managers.
  • Providing mediums for the interchange of risk management ideas and strategies among professionals.
  • Assisting in the development of professional, collegial relationships among Society members and other healthcare, legal, regulatory and insurance industry professionals.
  • Providing relevant information and education on healthcare risk management to other appropriate parties such a healthcare organizations, hospital associations, medical societies and civic groups.
  • To assist in providing information on new developments and trends in healthcare risk management, liability claims, accreditation standards, regulations and laws on a state and national level.

Upcoming Meetings

Feb 26

MSHRM Virtual Winter Business Meeting and Conference

MSHRM Virtual Winter Business Meeting and Conference (3 part series)

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Mar 23

TriChapter Webinar Series

Tri-Chapter Webinar Series

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