President's Message

Welcome to the Massachusetts Society of Healthcare Risk Management

Message from the President  

Welcome to the Massachusetts Society for Healthcare Risk Management, MSHRM.    We live in unprecedent times and risk managers are at the front lines protecting public health.   More than ever, MSHRM is an important resource to share information, education and nurture strong networks in this vital health care profession.   We welcome new members, and invite you to explore the knowledge and resources available to you.  Our chapter is comprised of members from Massachusetts and Rhode Island along with neighboring states. We are an independent chapter of ASHRM, the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.  If you are not a member of ASHRM, I encourage you to explore what they have to offer as our national professional organization for healthcare risk management.  The easiest way is to check out their website at 

The Massachusetts Society for Healthcare Risk Management (MSHRM) is an organization of healthcare risk management, legal, insurance and claims professionals dedicated to advancing healthcare safety, quality and loss prevention by advancing professional practice. Activities to further this purpose include: 

  • Conducting educational programs and activities to develop and implement healthcare risk management, safety and quality management programs and strategies to conserve organization/institutional resources in the face of risk of loss.
  • To act as mentors and promote the professional development of healthcare risk managers.
  • Providing mediums for the interchange of risk management ideas and strategies among professionals.
  • Assisting in the development of professional, collegial relationships among Society members and other healthcare, legal, regulatory and insurance industry professionals.
  • Providing relevant information and education on healthcare risk management to other appropriate parties such a healthcare organizations, hospital associations, medical societies and civic groups.
  • To assist in providing information on new developments and trends in healthcare risk management, liability claims, accreditation standards, regulations and laws on a state and national level.  


Members of the society include risk managers, patient safety team members, attorneys, insurance company representatives and quality improvement professionals dedicated to promoting the philosophy and strategy of risk management. 

As a member of MSHRM, you will have access to: 

Educational Offerings to promote professional development in the diverse field of healthcare risk management. We typically offer two local offerings each year, one in February, and one in September.  Our September 18th conference in Marlborough, MA will include our Annual Meeting as well as a full day of educational offerings.  

The 30th Annual New England Regional Healthcare Risk Management Conference, has been postponed this year due to the COVID 19 outbreak, but we are committed to seeing its return next year.

We are also planning to roll out new webinars and Risk Management Collaborative calls with information regarding risk management surrounding COVID 19 and other topics.   Please be on the look out of for email notices and explore our website for further information. 

Access to the MSHRM website, which is updated on a regular basis! On the site, you will find all the information about the Society, and ways that you can participate in our activities and committees, as well as links to classified job listings. 

In these times, a MSHRM membership is priceless!  Above and beyond the sharing of knowledge, you will foster relationship with some of the regions risk management experts who you can call on for advice and camaraderie. We currently have 149 members and are hoping to continue to grow.  Please contact me, or any other Board Member, if you have a new idea or suggestion as to how MSHRM can be of further benefit to you and your professional career.   Please contact me personally if you have any ideas as to how we can provide additional resources to our membership. 

Finally, please consider joining one of our committees, such as Program, Membership, Nominating, Finance, & Bylaws.  We have many opportunities to support the organization through sponsorship as well.

On behalf of our MSHRM community, we wish you good health, and invite you to join your colleagues in this vital organization! 


Chad P. Brouillard, JD, MA
MSHRM President, 2020