The Massachusetts Health Care Proxy is available in English and 15 additional languages, including American Sign Language (video below).  As published for more than 25 years by nonprofit Massachusetts Health Decisions, it is a 4-page document in all versions. It includes information about the document itself, the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy Law and how it works, instructions on how to complete the form, and the form itself. This is why the document is subtitled: “Information, Instructions, and Form.”

Below are various versions of the Information and Instructions pages ONLY. The PDF documents below DO NOT INCLUDE THE FORM. You or a family member can download the information below to learn about the Health Care Proxy. But we encourage you to sign an English version.  The information, instructions, and form are exactly the same in every language.  For example, you can follow the instructions in the Spanish version to fill out the form in any other language version.  Get a free copy of the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy for your personal use here.

If you or your organization needs multiple copies of any version of the complete Massachusetts Health Care Proxy–in any language–you can order forms here.  Or download a copy of our Forms and Publications pricelist.  You can also read about purchasing a license so your organization can reproduce any version of the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy on your server. All Massachusetts forms and materials, in all languages, are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be reproduced or copied in quantity without our written permission, typically by license.